Meeting Schedule

The Danish Soldiers Club gathers on the first Saturday of every month at
Kastania Faelled (see the map at the bottom of this page).

The Meeting schedule:
11am:          Gathering and Fellowship; the bar is open.
                      The Board of Directors meets.
12pm:          The Flag Ceremony and National Anthems.
12:15pm:    The General Membership meets.
1pm:             Lunch is served.

January 1:       No meeting. Happy New Year!
February 5:    No meeting.
March 5:          Smørrebrød lunch at Kastania.
April 2:             Smørrebrød lunch at Kastania.
May 7:               New York Strip Steak BBQ at Kastania.
June 4:               Smørrebrød lunch at Kastania.
July 2:                Smørrebrød lunch at Kastania.
August 6:          Smørrebrød lunch at Kastania.
September 3:  New York Strip Steak BBQ at Kastania.
October 1:        Smørrebrød lunch at Kastania, board nominations.
November 5:   Smørrebrød lunch at Kastania, board election.
December 18:  Julefest at … TBD

Kastania Fælled is located at 4560 Kastania Road. Take Hwy 101 to the Kastania Road exit, turn  west, and follow the road. There is a sign that says “No Outlet,” and that’s the one you want. It will turn and head south along the freeway. The Gate is marked by a Danish flag, and our meeting house is at the end of the long dirt driveway.