Event Planning

Danish Soldiers Club Event Planning October 2012

It’s the DSC’s Board Of Directors responsibility to conduct the monthly meetings (not least thegastronomical part) to the full satisfaction of the members. Because of the diligent work and contributions of a core croup of members we now have beautiful facilities (Kastania Fælled) we can be proud of and events where we enjoy meeting with old and new friends to celebrate the traditions we have all helped create over the years.

The key functions and donations essential to making our events what they are have been well covered by volunteer members in the past, often by the same ones repeatedly, and this is very much appreciated. We now would like to reach out to all our members and (if you are capable and willing) invite you to lend additional support at special events and in general on a rotation basis, taking turns.

To make it possible for more of our members to participate in the fun (yes, it is fun and satisfying helping your fellow members to have a good time), we have made a to-do list of the various task we need to do for each event. If you like to pick a task or two from the list below and help out a few times during the year, please mail or call:
Vagn Nielsen, 707-996-9950, vknielsen@comcast.net
or Per Madsen, 415-928-4509, permads@comcast.net
or Poul Poulsen, 415-459-7727, poulspoulsen@gmail.com

To-do list
Regular Lunch:
Take reservations and payments and place order with caterer Distribute lunch tickets, take cash payments, and sell drink tickets

Order and pick up Kringle and other baked goods for serving (Karen & Vagn or other volunteer)
It is always appreciated when a Member bakes and bring cake or cookies to share and/or donates some raffle prizes

One person to get and make coffee for all attendees
Two persons – supervised by Rick Santarini: Conduct Raffle, sell tickets and account for

contributions and proceeds

Kitchen duties:

Caterer prepares lunch plates
Three persons serving from about 12:30 for 45 minutes
One person collects tickets and hands lunch plates through window
Two people locate specific lunch plates and hand to “window” person
Wrap up any remaining plates (in case of late show up – if not claimed, extras can be put into the raffle)
Wipe up table and arrange desserts, dessert plates and napkins on table
Do a light clean up in kitchen


BBQ Lunch:

Take reservations and payment
On Thursday or Friday, when all reservations are in, create shopping list Order Kringle for pickup Saturday morning

Persons needed:
Thursday or Friday
Two or three persons buy meat and supplies, trim fat from meat and marinate it (if desired), store food in large refrigerator
One or two persons prepare fruit salad at home
One or two persons prepare carrot salad at home
Saturday, bring everything to Kastania and start BBQ coals

One or two BBQ cooks
One person to serve Chili
Two persons to prepare salad, bread and strawberries
Two persons in kitchen to refill serving bowls and make sure there is enough on the tables One person to take tickets

To do:
Cut up Kringle
Make Coffee
Put chili in two large pots and take out to BBQ to be heated
Cut up tomatoes and cucumbers for green salad – place in serving bowls
Slice Costco garlic bread and rewrap in foil (to be heated on BBQ prior to serving) – alternatively serve plain French bread
Cut up strawberries (from a Strawberry patch in Sonoma)
Set up serving bowls (aluminum pans) and utensils
Organize back counter and ice chests with extras

Fruit salad should be prepared by volunteer(s) at home and brought in zip lock bags to Kastania — add strawberries to fruit salad before serving
Carrot salad should also be prepared by volunteer(s) and brought from home

Set up special table to serve hot dogs and accompaniments for kids Shortly before serving take the hot dogs out to be BBQed

Two persons to clean up
Remaining food stays on table for a while for anyone wanting a second portion – then remove food from table. Wipe up table and arrange desserts, dessert plates and napkins on table

As BBQ is winding down, go into kitchen and clean up.

Christmas Party:
3-4 persons needed to put up and decorate the Christmas tree (Eric Miller and Vagn Nielsen

knows how)

Someone needs to be Santa Claus (Kaj Kristensen has done in the past but is retiring to the North Pole)

Someone needs to buy Raffle prizes and bring them to the Vet’s bldg. (Knud Jensen has been doing this)

Svend and Birthe have always brought greens to decorate the tables

Vagn and Karen have put signs up, reserving tables for large parties (based on the reservations that Vagn has)

Steve Ulrich has been donating the almond prizes
Karen and Vagn Nielsen have been donating cookies to go with the coffee and dessert

Svend and Birthe Baekgaard have donated the wines in the past years and put them out on the tables.

Prepare Hot Dogs, etc and the “Santa Goodie Bags” for the children (the club has paid the cost of this). Inger Marie has been doing this (please specify what’s necessary Inger Marie)

Take down Christmas tree after party
MC program (see attached example) Per & Poul has done Entertainment:

Christmas music – DJ or One-Man-Band needed
Print song sheets to be put on table (Per & Vibeke)
Arrange children’s chorus (Eiler’s daughter Mette has done)
Singing and dancing around the tree (put paging system under tree) need singer to guide

Bar Service: (All meetings except Christmas)

Supply and tend the bar — Mogens Bach in charge of supplies
Volunteer Bartenders needed to take turns. Please contact Mogens at: 415-435-3124 or E-mail:mbach@msn.com


Per Madsen October 2012